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Boutique strategy consulting that amalgamates world class leadership, strategic thinking, global scaling in complex and competitive business climates. Our diverse multilingual team in four largest continents offer deep domain insights and valuable infrastructure for creating great companies in the last 40 years. Largely geography and industry agnostic, Bouin Capital is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen, impact communities, support global entrepreneurship, equality, unbiased decision-making and propel technologies for an intelligent and safe future. Bouin Capital is headquartered in the US. 
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Jonas Volker, SGRS Sovereign Wealth Fund, Oman (Ex-VP, private equity at Gulf Capital, Middle East)

Rashmi introduced us to some interesting potential investment opportunities through her good network in the Middle East, and gets actively involved to add value in the process.

Nigel Flynn, Chairman & President, Infrasonix Inc. (UK/US)

Rashmi, I am extremely impressed and immensely grateful to you for the enormous effort that you have devoted to the future of Infrasonix. I especially appreciate your strategic insight and professionalism. Thank you for your encouragement.

MJ, Managing Partner at Hector Capital & Flatglobe Capital Partners, Singapore

Rashmi is one phenomenal problem solver and marketeer. Twice when I ran out of options in a business problem, I sought Rashmi's help. She is witty, quick thinker and funny, besides a good colleague.  

Atul Chopra, Vice Chairman Quintas Capital Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Rashmi made an immense contribution as part of the very passionate Lifetree startup Team -full of enthusiasm, ideas, and a very strong Relationship orientation!  

Rocco Statucco, Senior Client Relationship Manager, State Street, Milano, Italia

Rashmi and I worked very closely together on several projects. During these experiences, she showed high competencies in the new technologies for financial services and telecommunication markets.

Niket Patankar, Global Head Sutherland, VP Investments, Credit Suisse

Rashmi is a very knowledgeable person in the KPO/BPO space and has relationships with the right senior management personnel at different firms in the industry. She is always full of new ideas on how to transform businesses and opportunities for expansion/consolidation. She can be a valued business partner.