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Rashmi Kilam

Managing Director

Bouin Capital LLC

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Rashmi Kilam has built markets across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, US & Asia that paved the way for an incredible pool of social capital in the last two decades. Her career started around the dot com era before deep diving as a strategic business advisor and advocate for impact investing. Rashmi works directly with CEOs, thought leaders, investors and entrepreneurs across diverse industries.  Her history lies in building companies that offer innovative solutions for Telecom (TMT), FinTech, HealthTech, Outsourcing and managing key Partnerships, Investors, and Fundraising. 

Rashmi joined an investment bank Asia Pacific Capital with roots in a holding company, Distacom. The group was started by Simon Murray & Richard Siemens, "Father of Mobile Telephony" who created wireless networks in Hong Kong, Orange of UK and J-Phone (initially Tokyo Digital Phone, acquired by Vodafone, now SoftBank). Rashmi was hired to grow its dot com assets in India followed by an acquired 5 people software start-up in 2000. Rashmi cut her teeth in the startup world here with two mobile telephony providers and engaging in corporate development, branding, partner management and positioning it's five software solutions. Her work encompassed 2.5G, 3G, GPRS, mobile apps, MVNOs, online/mobile payments, mobile messaging, convergent billing and other offerings on the brink of the fin-tech revolution. She developed business with partners, financial institutions, enterprises, system integrators, content providers, mobile operators in 20+ countries. Rashmi led a team of developers, translators, content-creators, and designers to track the growth path and market strategy of the software products. She played an instrumental role at conferences and GSM trade-shows during the mobile boom in Cannes, New Delhi, Qatar, Osaka, Dubai, and Johannesburg. Rashmi’s marketing plans catalyzed the "Outstanding Electronic Billing & Payment award" for PCCW, Hong Kong, formerly SUNDAY Communications. This startup had a unicorn exit in Finland in 2010.

Rashmi focused on ICT growth and nearshore strategy for emerging economies to consult with entities such as Edelweiss Capital, a large investment bank backed by the Carlyle group to explore the Knowledge Process Outsourcing industry. She worked with PHDs, analysts and a marketing team. 

Bouin Capital was launched to support growth, resilience, expansion, innovation, and entrepreneurship. She is a Member of the Advisory Board for a Boston Massachusetts based cancer supportive care, an Austin HQ'd global company helping patients with post-operative care and adaptive clothing, a diagnostic healthcare device company, Forbes Japan listed B2B SaaS analytics startup and a Reddot winner FinTech startup. She is a venture mentor with Austin Technology Incubator & IC2, CSweetener for Women in Healthcare, and MassChallenge Boston. Rashmi evaluates, advises, invests, and is on the investment evaluation committee with an impact-driven South West Angel Network across the US. Rashmi is invited to judging and coaching during annual global conferences such as SXSW Interactive, Invest in Korea Week, Rice Alliance Business Plan Competition Houston, Texas (RBPC), HITLab (Healthcare Innovation & Tech Lab), CSweetener (Now HLTH Foundation), and Innostars by US-China Innovation Alliance. She has attended events including Arabcom, Mobile World Congress, World Congress of IT, MassBio, JPM, Women in Tech Summit, and TiE.  Some of her client interactions in the two decades included Sumitomo Bank, Vodacom South Africa, Amena Es Madrid, Etnoteam Milano (now NTT Data), Accenture, Unisys Italia, Compaq (now Hewlett Packard), Telecom Italia, Onatel Burkina Faso, Telekom Malaysia, Indus Bank, Valor Equity, SGRF fund Oman, Thuraya Satellite UAE, Siemens, and more.

Rashmi enjoys giving back to her community as well as engenders a strong sense of integrity, work ethic, teamwork, and social impact. She created 'Friends of Austin Cultural Entrepreneurship' in 2010 to help Texas-based artists and community outreach. She has been with Women and Their Works 2005-2007, Entrepreneurs Foundation, Women in Technology and other Alliances. 

Rashmi specialized in International Business & Strategy and a Bachelor's in Biology & Chemistry from Delhi University. Rashmi speaks four languages fluently, writes three scripts and was trained in classical music.